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Here are some Celtic skirmishers ready to help their Roman allies.



Russell Crowe has been stationed on the far reaches of my desk.

May he help lead my legions over all of you (especially those of you playing in 15mm).




Last weekend, Watts and I, participated in Extra Life. It is a 24
hour gaming charity to fundraiser for (in our case) Sickkids  Hospital.

First thing In the morning I start with this.

Took me about 5 hours to paint this unit (though I later went back to touch up a few things) – After that I forgot to take more progress photos.
Here is what I finish with.

I haven’t posted in a while – with no valid excuse – but here are some Malifaux Guild models I pained this week. This is the Elite Division box set.





Posted: April 5, 2011 in Inifinity
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A couple of guys have been talking about Infinity lately and after playing a demo game while at Adepticon we stopped at a local store in Chicago and I pick up some minis.  . . .  and here they are.