Camo Netting

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Flames of War
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I bought some first aid gauze a while ago to make camo netting. I decied to dress up the Jadgpanther and here are the results.

First I cut a big piece off, then I sized up where I want the netting to go and cut it into small pieces.  When I cut the smaller pieces I cut them a little smaller then needed, since,  I end up stretching them making them bigger. (by the way I bought the mini first aid kit at the dollar store so its not an expensive experiment)

  • Then I used a green colour of choice (in this case Vallejo Luftwaffe Camo Green) and watered it down heavily.
  • Then dabbed it onto the gauze – the dabbing is important, if you try brushing the paint on the gauze may pull apart.
  • Then I tried to add some more camo colours by dabbing lightly some other colours (German Camo Medium Brown and German Camo Orange Ochre).

I then left the gauze to dry but (as per usual) got impatient –  so I took some paper towel and folded it up. I placed the wet, painted gauze in the middle and pressed out the water. I took a couple of presses to get it dry but it was great little trick. The down side was I had some colour changes occur and I lost the colour blends I put on top.

After the Gauze was completely dry, I carefully started pulling it apart. This step is optional but I found the gauze weaving too tight to look good for the scale

Here is one dry after I pulled it apart.

You can see there is come brown in there still.

The colour variation I was fine with but if you want consistent colouring, don’t be me, just be patient and let them dry.

On the bright side – What I did to fix the colour layering turned out well. Once I attached the netting to the model, I just took the colours I wanted and gave the netting a light dry-brushing.

Here is the Jadgpanther netted up.

This picture is two pieces. I just used a bit of glue on the corners to attach it – I want some section to be loose.

The only other thing I would want to do with the netting is add some small features like, small branches or leaves, but I dont have an available right now but its an additional easy step that really enhances the model.


Before I tried doing the camo netting this is what I ended up doing with the panthers and some clump foliage.

The netting was really easy to make and is easy to do in any colour needed. I would highly recommended anyone try this, its a cheap easy way to add some “awesome factor” to your army.

Next week I may try making overhead camo stands to go with the special character, Oberst Ferdinand Gosewisch, from the Dogs and Devils book. I am trying out a list with him tomorrow at the Mini’s Day tournament, in Burlington – it would be great to model the camo netting.


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