Panzer Pioneers – 37 Pioneer Battalion

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Flames of War, German
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The is the second part of what I am painting for the 900pt EW Adepticon tournament.

– Cleaned the models, scored the bases, and glued them down.
– Then I used wood-filler to even out the base and give a good ground texture
– Black primed
then I start with painting the bases
– Base with Scorched Brown (GW)
– Dry-brush with German Camo medium Brown (Val)
– Dry-brush with German Camo beige (val)

then i started block painting,
– Jacket/Coat – German Field Grey (Val)
– Pants – Adeptus Battle grey (GW)
– Helmet – German Camo Dark Green (Val)
– Flesh – Tallarn Flesh (GW foundation)
– Rifles – Beastal Brown (GW)
– Boots – retouched Chaos black (GW) I also retouch the metal parts of the rifle (and in the case that these are Pioneers I painted the shoulder bars
– Rifle – dry-brush boltgun metal for the barrel, chamber and bolt.

  • With the major of the model painted, I turn now tot he netting and kit- which take longer to do then the rest of the model.

Since I didn’t know what was all influenced in the German infantry Kit I used the FoW German infantry guide ( as huge reference source – I followed some of the colour guides it recommend. I used a few photos I found online to give me a better idea of what I was looking at.

-for the Cook pot and drinking cup I used German Camo Dark Green (val)- and then a light highlight with a little green grey(val) to bring it up
-The bread bag – Green Grey (val)
-The gas mask canister is German Camo Dark Green (val) and the cover/flap on top i did Green Grey (val)
then I use Dark Flesh (black is the norm but I want some better contrast and a brownish leather is not unrealistic) for the Y straps, belt, and another kit straps – like on the cook pot, tent roll and flask/drinking cup
-for the flask its self i used German Camo Medium brown (val)
-its was important to do paint the straps on the tent roll first since I knew i would likely ruin the camo pattern if tried doing the straps after – this way the tent roll gets painted over any poor brush strokes I make.
– as for the camo on the tent I used a three colours – German Camo Beige as a base, then spots of German Camo Medium brown (val) and Luftwaffe Camo Green (val) for the pattern.

  • For the helmet I painted small black shields shapes for the markings on both side

-then using Mechrite red (GW foundations) I painted a single small red dash on the bottom the the right side
then using the Astonomicon grey put a small dash just about the red one – I found I didn’t have to worry to much about making mistakes here cause the touch ups are quick and tend to make the lines look even better.

– on the left side of the helmet was a difficult – I painted three vertical lines for the eagle and try to put a dot at the bottom of the middle line – the key was to make sure the paint was the right consistency and that there wasn’t too much water in my brush.

At this point I was worried about how they looked – it was all chunky and not very pretty but I made a few touch ups and then inked everything. I used a tank brush to liberally apply the wash – Devlin Mud (gw) – and used a standard brush to soak up and excess ink that was building up where I didn’t want it too.

after the wash was dry is where it started to really come together. at this point all I was doing was highlighting everything.

the way the wash darkens everything the first thing i do is repaint sections of the model with the orginal base coat.

for example for the jacket – i would paint German Field Grey (val) over all the flat sections, making sure to leave the cracks and dark section untouched.

-then i would use a combination of either Bleached Bone (GW) or green grey (val) (depending on the tone of the base coat) to mix with the base coat for highlight
-so again on the jacket I mixed a small amount of Green Grey with German Field Grey and applied to the corners or edges (for my 28mm I would do 2 maybe three highlights here but for 15mm i think 1 is ok)

oh and for highlighting black I use Charadon Granite (GW foundation) though i feel like i have no idea how to highlight boots well (good thing the flock overs most of that)

  • The key to this was really making effective use of the GW washes and using a tight pallet of colours. I still spent the greater part of three days painting these – close to 20 hours or more for one platoon.

For anyone not who hasn’t tries using the GW washes – they are amazing – making the models look good and in less time its a win win

Here are some Pictures of everything together

  1. Chris says:

    Great looking infantry! Putting the extra effort into the helmet markings was worth it. The grey vehicles seem to be lacking contrast… but that might just be the photography. Dark flesh really was the right colour to represent rust.

    • Jack1080 says:

      Thanks for the comment Chris,

      as for the tanks the transitioning is subtle, it stands out less in the these photographs.

      I may retouch them at a later point.

      I find Dark Flesh is a really versatile paint.

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