Display Board for Adepticon – part 1

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Terrian/Tables
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With the amount of progress on my 900 pt armies and free time I’ve have in until the road trip I started thinking about auxiliary things I’ll need. Last year,at Historicon, I forgot to bring a tray to transport my (large) Canadian Rifle company. This proved to give me quite the head ache – this time around I won’t make the same mistake. So I started looking around and found the
extra pink foam I still had from building a Blood bowl Pitch (which I’ll post about later). I started brain storming ideas and layout. The main features I wanted were:

– had to be big enough to be use able for more the 900 points but smaller then the 8 sq. foot board I already have. (picture)

– had to have more the two levels so that it didn’t feel flat and static – I wanted the slopes to be
smoother and more realistic

– I wanted a road like area

– later decided  “I have to have a tunnel!” Here are some in progress pictures

The size ended up roughly 22 X 16

above you can see I started with a 1 inch thick base.

for the hill slopes I used 1/2 inch pieces

On the left outside walls I started with 1 inch base and where I wanted higher section I added another 1/2 inch but on the right side (where the tunnel is) I added another 1 inch thick section.

below – recently I’ve been using wood filler as my primary ground texture, however , I found two tubs of tile adhesive and thought this would be a good cheap alternative.

the appliation was easy – I started with paint plastic paint scarpers to apply it but quickly decided i need to get my hand dirty.

as you can see below – after the adhesive had dried there were a number of significant cracks. I was a little disappointed, fearing that i had ruined the progress but I realized I could use the wood filler I normally use it fix the problem.
















I will be applying paint later tonight in the next test of the adhesive.



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