1st Panzer Division

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Flames of War, German
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The spring I am making the trip to Adepticon, in Chicago. I was originally hoping to attend the MW FoW Nationals, however, I didn’t manage to qualify this year. I then made plans to play 900Mid War tourny that is also being held on the Saturday. There is also a 900 EW tournament on the Friday.  Well I was given the opportunity to start and build and Early War Panzer Company

So the list came out as

HQ – 155
– pz Bf wagon
– 2 pz 2s
– pz 1

Leichte panzer platoon – 200
– Bf wagon
– 2 Pz 2s
– 2 pz 1 s

Leichte panzer platoon – 115
– Bf wagon
– 2 Pz 2s
– 2 pz 1 s

Leichte pioneer platoon 220
-3 squads ( 9 stands and Cmd)

“Heavy” panzerspah platoon 95
– 2 8 rads

Limited Air support 115

900 pts

12 tanks
2 armor cars
10 stands of infantry and
air support

First I had to decided on which paint scheme i was going to use – there are mixed opions on if the germans had camo patterns at the time and the sorces that say they did have yet to be widely accepted as accurate.

-After all the models were preped and primed (black) I base coated with GW’s Adeptus Battle Grey from there foundation paint line (they apply easy and in one coat)
– then I washed using Devlin Mud (though in future I’m goign to try a mix of Devlin Mud and the drabb(?) black (also from GW) which Watts suggested). The wash not only shads but also brings down the tone of the grey.
-Next I did a light dry bush of the orginal base coat to the edges and that has the majority of the tank painted, however, I spent as much time working the details as i did on the rest of the tank

– For the details I started with the tracks – retouching them first with black, then a dry brush of boltgun metal.
– Then I painted the exauhst with Dark Flesh (GW) which is a redish brown – which can also make a great rust colour
– Then I painted the national and divisional markings:
– I used Astronomicon Grey for the “white” details – key step here was to not worry about being exact I knew i had to do touch ups anyway (no to metion the touch ups give sharper smooth lines) so i just push through any mistakes and fixed them all at the end. One step that took me a long time was to try and accuratle place the markings which a spent a alost of time on google images look at phortos trying to get real examples to base them off. I am thinking about goig nover the markings again with a briger white but im still undecided.
– I have a book on the panzer division of Wehrmacht http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Weh … gain+Books and I flipped through it seeing which division I would do – went with 1st panzer division and and the focus on the Polish invasion – that way i could try and focus on the early part of early war. So I decided that I would use the solid white crosses (which turned out to be targeting crosshairs) and the oakleaf as the primary markings division markings.

-The last step is/was to drybrush the weathering – I used a but of dark flesh on the tracks.
then german camo brown from the FoW/Vellaho(sp) line, which im drybrush liberally on the lower half the tank and then lightly on the top half – I find doing the light wheathering on top make the model look dirty and more realistic, not like a factory showroom.

The Pioneers will get there own post.

  1. Very cool dude!

    Lovin it.

    Keep it up. Can’t wait to see more. This will also be a cool way for me to see your stuff while I’m in Aussie Land.


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